Turn your website into a selling machine!!

Many good companies lose leads. Owners feel frustrated about losing those leads and sales opportunities. It is wrong that good owners and their companies lack consistent leads. The noise of information coming at us from all directions daily robs owners of sales opportunities and peace of mind.

I will help you get consistent leads by showing you can turn your website into a selling machine.

If your website isn’t making you money -It Needs Some Work.

Here are the six tips that will help convert your website into a selling machine!

Let’s get started.

  • What do you offer?
  • How does your product make life better for people?


These items belong in the header of your Website.

  1. Your logo and tag line should be at the top left.
  2. Your tagline should simply and clearly state what you do. Place it under the logo
  3. Include a CTA (Call to Action) on the right e.g. buy now button; shop now; Call Now
  4. Simply explain how you can make their life easier or better.


See Below


Turn your website into a selling machine

Tip 5a -State up to two or three of your customers’ problems. See below

Many Business Leaders waste money on Marketing

  • Have you wondered where your next sale, resident, or patient will come from?
  • You might be forced into taking jobs with little profit and don’t want?
  • You feel pressure and fear of running out of money?


Tip 5b -Solve your customer’s problem:






Turn Your Website into a Selling Machine

Pic – Become the photographer everyone is jealous of



Turn your website into a selling machine

Tip 5a – State the problem.

What are the top 1 or 2 problems that your potential clients have? What is driving them to you?




Tip 6 -Call to Action, insert them throughout the text

Here is an example of a good call to Action





We are finished with the 6 steps that will help to turn your website into a selling machine.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to email or call me to schedule a time to chat.

I wish all the best while you grow your company by getting consistent leads.



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